A pair of mini cake / cupcake stands.

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This listing is for a pair of cake stands of two heights in the same colour. One has a scalloped top and one has a plain round top. **PLEASE NOTE!** All acrylic sheets have different thicknesses despite them being sold as 3mm. Therefore some stands have a loose feel and some you have to push and click in. All stands are tested before shipping. There is no right way of assembling - the tops can be used on any height and there is no right way up. They should fit together. Should you wish to fix them together, just glue them with a 2-part epoxy such as Araldite or use a glue like E6000. To clean, please use a little soap and water and only use a MICROFIBRE cloth on them. Small stand: 6.5cm high 10cm wide Taller stand: 9.8cm high 10.5cm wide