Pastel Bubbles Glitter in Ombré effect

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This listing is for a custom name/word/number with a pastel base and an iridescent or pastel acrylic layer which is hand glittered with pastel bubbles glitter in an ombre effect.


This style comes in a:

  • 2" / 3" / 4"number charm
  • 3" number topper
  • Name topper
  • name charm
  • 2-lined topper (Mila is 2 / Happy Birthday etc.)
  • 3" number topper and name charm set
  • Name topper and 2" number charm set


***Please note ***

Text 2 has the flick option - please leave a note for me if you would like the flick as it does not show in the mock up section.

Text 9 has a groovy feel with swirls - I will add them in as I see best. Please leave a note if you would prefer it as you see it. 

 Nicola and Skye cake by @AMYS.LITTLECAKERY